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Poster: Cliff Hucker Date: Jun 6, 2008 6:56am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: June 6th 1970 Charlie Miller upgrade A+++

Cool essay, Cream Puff!


How could something like that happen in San Francisco during the summer of 1970?

I'm just a little curious, though, what happened when Pig tried to get the audience to "tear the building down" during Lovelight? I can only imagine the expression on Bill's face.

Great selection, and despite its amazing jam, I might have to give the edge, just barely, to the following evening's performance based on the Cyptical/Eleven suite and the profound gospel set?

And while Charlie has done a superb job, as usuall, quite a bit of music from this legendary? four-night stand has been remastered from the vault, which leads me to believe that this could make a pretty neat boxed set...

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 6, 2008 10:47am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: June 6th 1970 Charlie Miller upgrade A+++

You said it SDH. Not one flat note in Dancin', China/Rider or anywhere else, yet jam and jelly roll dripping like mad.

And those are some serious remasters, Cliff - I had to revise my review of the Miller upgrade.

Speaking of Bill Graham, I catch your drift - nobody ever got to incite the crowd from his stage, no one that is except Pigpen, I picture Bill loving Pig's raps designed to get the ladies and gentlemen moving and grooving, stomping even, on his hardwood basketball court... so long as they did it pelvically, rhythmically, breaking out of their shells - Bill loved that shit that Pigpen could say to the guys about playing pocket pool and opening up and saying hello, what's your name to the ladies -
make a move if you got one, that's what he he liked to see, both he and Ron,
and the whole band... they could not have been any closer to anyone else in the world on that level, the pelvic level, they saw eye to eye as to what it was all about -

the whole reason detre (sp.?) for the ballrooms... and when it got less intimate, less of a guy meets girl thing, Bill quickly closed those halls down, and the arenas were cash cows, with occassional great shows, but that sparkle was gone, he knew it and wasted no time pulling the plug on the Fillmores...
like he didn't want to see the places go downhill, babysitting a bunch of overly sedated pill poppers with no sexual tension to speak of.

There was that lull that washed the scene out around '71, the thrill was (temporarily) gone, until the next wave came rolling in...

which is where most of you guys came in, fair enough.

You wouldn't be here typing and jiving if you'd stayed too long or got there too early, at the wrong time with the wrong crowd...
Bill had no tolerance for those kids...
look at the way he threatens black leather-jacketed Mike Wilhelm in the movie on the closing of the Fillmore West.

It's like all his anger and frustration at the scene wilting (briefly as it turns out) is turned on the hapless Charlatan who makes the foux pas of saying to Bill at a bad time,
"Well, then... fuck you and thanks for the memories."

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